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Candice Hoeppner

August 31, 2009

Candice Hoeppner is the Member of Parliament for Portage—Lisgar, Manitoba.  She is a member of the Conservative Party and this is her first term in Parliament.

Candice is a Member of the Canada-Africa Parliamentary Association and Executive Member of the Canada-Japan Inter-Parliamentary Group. She worked first in the financial planning industry and later ran her own successful consulting firm. In 2004, Candice was the Manitoba Campaign Manager for Stephen Harper’s leadership bid for the Conservative Party of Canada. She has acted as an advisor to several Members of Parliament, and served as Chief Organizer for the Conservative Party of Canada in Manitoba. She recently introduced the Bill C-391.

Candice now resides in Winkler, Manitoba with her husband David, and three children.

As we pray for Candice today, let us ask the Lord to provide Candace with wisdom and continued passion as Parliament starts again this Fall. Also, that God would bless Candice with much peace and rest as she continues to represent the people in the constituency. God, may you bless her family, and give them strength and love. Thank you Jesus for putting Candice within Parliament.

If you would like to know more about Candice, check out her official website.


Leo Housakos

August 30, 2009


Mr. Leo Housakos was appointed at the beginning of 2009 as the Senator representing Wellington, Quebec and sits as a member of the Conservative Caucus.  He is a young Hellenic-Canadian born in Montreal with a strong history of involvement in business, community service and local, provincial and federal politics.

Leo Housakos sits on two committees: the Senate Committee for Agriculture and Forestry and also for Transport and Communications.

Mr. Housakos has been married to Demi Papapanagiotou for over 16 years and they have two children, Peter and Tasso.  He is a very strong family man.

Let us pray that with his new responsibilities that Leo would maintain a great relationship with his wife and children.  May the Lord give him godly friends and wise counsellors as he seeks to serve our nation and his home province of Quebec.


Hon. Jay Hill

August 28, 2009


The Hon. Jay Hill is the Conservative Member of Parliament for the riding of Prince George-Peace River, British Columbia.  He was first elected to the House of Commons in 1993 for the riding of Prince George–Peace River, which he has continuously represented since. Following the Conservative Party`s election as Canada`s new government in 2006, he was appointed Chief Government Whip and sworn into the Privy Council of Canada. In January of 2007, Prime Minister Harper promoted Mr. Hill to the Ministry as a Secretary of State. On October 30, 2008 he was appointed Leader of the Government in the House of Commons.  This is one of the most important roles in the government under the Prime Minister.

Mr. Hill  lives in Fort St. John, BC. He is married to Leah, and has three grown children, Holly, Heather, and Heath.  Mr Hill loves Canada, is very patriotic and says that his two favorite days of the year are Remembrance Day and Canada Day.  Let’s thank the Lord for putting this very skilled and capable man in this important role in our nation.  As his position is closely associated with the Prime Minister, lets pray that Mr. Hill will provide good godly wisdom and cousel to Mr. Harper and to all the Members of Parliament who look to  him as the House Leader.


Céline Hervieux-Payette

August 24, 2009


The Honourable Céline Hervieux-Payette was appointed to the Senate in March 1995 and is now the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate as well as the Quebec Lieutenant for the Liberal Party.  She represents the region of Bedford, Q.C.

With a background in law, Ms Hervieux-Payette has had a distinguished career in various levels of government.  She has served as an M.P, and as a Cabinet Minister, as well as in Quebec Provincial politics in major roles.

Ms. Hervieux-Payette is the Deputy Chair of the Banking, Trade and Commerce Committee and also sits on the Joint Committee for Scrutiny of Regulations and also the Selection Committee.

Let us pray for her with such a huge responsibility in our nation.  May she receive gody wisdom and seek the higher good of Canada in all that she does.


Mac Harb

August 22, 2009


Mr. Mac Harb was appointed to the Senate in 2003 and sits as a member of the Liberal Caucus representing the province of Ontario.  Born in Lebanon, trained as an engineer, he served in municipal politics before becoming an M.P for Ottawa Centre in 1988 and serving for four terms.

  Mr. Harb is a member of the Senate Committee for Banking, Trade and Commerce.  He has a special interest in international democracy and election monitoring.  Back at home he has encouraged Senate reform.

Let’s pray that Senator Mac Harb would bring forward wise and helpful legislation to build up our nation.  May his efforts in international democratization be blessed by God and may God grant him good health – spirit, soul and body.

You can learn more about Mac Harb on his official website.


Stephen Greene

August 21, 2009


Stephen Greene was recently appointed to the Senate at the beginning of 2009 after a lengthy and distinguished career in politics, the most recent as a Principal Secretary and Deputy Chief of Staff to Premier Rodney MacDonald in Nova Scotia.  He sits as the representative for Halifax- The Citadel in the upper chamber as part of the Conservative caucus.

Mr. Greene sits on the Senate Committees for Banking, Trade and Commerce, Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration, and also the Joint Committee for the Library of Parliament.  That’s a lot of responsibility.

Let’s pray for him that he will have the health and energy for a very full life and that he will quickly adjust to all the new dynamics of serving both in Ottawa and back home in Halifax.  May the Lord use him to bring blessing to our nation.


Jerahmiel S. Grafstein

August 19, 2009

Senator Jerahmiel S. Grafstein was appointed by Pierre Trudeau to the Senate on January 13, 1984.  Before entering the Senate he was a distinguished Lawyer with the Minden, Gross, Grafstein and Greenstein lawfirm.

He currently sits on the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Senate committee.

He was born on January 2, 1935 in London, Ontario.  He attended the University of Western Ontario and then attended the University of Toronto Law School where he received his Bachelor of Law.  He and his wife Carole Sniderman have two children.

Having been in the Senate for over 20 years, pray that he would continue to have a passion for his work.  Pray that he would enter a time of refreshing and renewal.  Pray for continued health and wisdom for the decisions he has to make.