Gerard Kennedy

September 20, 2009


Mr. Gerard Kennedy is the Liberal Member of Parliament for the Ontario riding of Parkdale-High Park in Toronto.  This is Mr. Kennedy’s first term in office being elected in 2008.  He is a member of the Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Committee. 

Mr. Kennedy has a history of working with the poor and less fortunate.   He served for many years as the executive director for the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto leading a largely volunteer effort that distributed food to as many as 150,000 Toronto area residents a month and became the national spokesperson for food banks.

Currently in his local riding, Mr. Kennedy is working with area residents on substantive initiatives on the environment and poverty linking local action to national policy.  He is also a distinguished visiting professor at Ryerson University, and has national responsibilities for party renewal and is the champion of poverty solutions for the Liberal Party.  Originally from Manitoba, Mr. Kennedy attended university in Ontario and Alberta and he lives in west Toronto with his wife Jeanette, an early childhood educator, and their two young children.

Let us thank the Lord for this man who not only has a heart for those less fortunate but is also a man of action and who has actively helped them.  May the Lord give him strength and wisdom as he continues to champion these issues with his own party and for the nation. 


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