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Wayne Easter

August 31, 2010

        The Honourable  Wayne Easter is the Liberal Member of Parliament for Prince Edward Island riding of Malpeque in the western region of the island.  Mr Easter has been re-elected to this riding six consecutive times since 1997.  He currently sits on the Committees for Agriculture and Agri-food and also the Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics.

Mr. Easter was born and raised on the island and graduated from Nova Scotia Agricultural College.  He was granted a certificate from the Canadian International Grains Institute in 1973. Wayne received an Honourary Doctorate of Law degree from UPEI in 1988 for his work and contribution to agriculture and social activism on the national and international level. He was awarded the Governor General’s Canada 125 Medal in 1992 for community service.   Mr. Easter has wide and varied experience since entering politics.  Wayne and his wife Helen, a nurse, live in North Wiltshire and have two grown children, Kimberley and Jamie.

     Let’s pray for Mr. Easter that he would have wisdom to fairly represent his constituents on the island.  Pray that God would grant him wisdom as he serves on the various committees and that he would still have joy and excitement in what he does after ten years at the federal level.  Pray that God would bless his marriage and his family and that they would all enjoy good health.


Rick Dykstra

August 30, 2010

Mr. Rick Dykstra is the Conservative Member of Parliament for his St. Catharines riding in Ontario.  He was first elected in 2006 and is now serving in his second term. 

Mr. Dykstra has a degree in Political Science from Brock University, and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from York University.  Before entering politics at the federal level,  he was a successful business owner and then became deeply involved in his community at the municipal level and then to the provincial level.   Mr. Dykstra and his wife Kathy are lifelong residents of St. Catharines and are the proud parents of three children, Zachary, Jessica and Lauren.

Rick is the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and also serves on that parliamentary committee.

       We can pray that Mr. Dykstra would be able to manage his time wisely and to be able to prioritize his committments.  Pray that the Lord would strengthen their family unit, bless their marriage and keep them all in good health.  During the summer months may they be able to spend quality time together as a family and find good rest and relaxation together.  Rick writes a blog regularly, why not check it out here ?


Lillian Dyck

August 29, 2010

The Honourable Lillian Dyck was appointed to the Senate by P.M. Paul Martin in 2005 and sits as a member of the Liberal Caucus representing Saskatchewan.

Ms. Dyck who is a member of the Gordon First Nation, earned her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and is world-renowned for her research in neurological disease.  She is also well-respected and tireless advocate for Aboriginals and for Women.

Ms. Dyck is a member of the Senate Committees for Human Rights, and also Social Affairs, Science and Technology.  She is also the Vice Chair of the Committee on Aboriginal Peoples.

Let us pray for Senator Lillian Dyck that she will be given great wisdom from above to make a positive and lasting impact for the health of this nation, and also especially for its original peoples.  May God bless her with strong friendships and good personal health.

 You can learn more about Ms. Dyck on her official website.


Linda Duncan

August 28, 2010

      Ms. Linda Duncan is the Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Strathcona in Alberta and sits on the New Democratic Party Caucus.  In 2006 Ms Duncan ran in the federal election and lost.  She ran again in 2008 and was elected into her first term. 

   She currently serves as the Environment Critic and also sits on the Committee for the Environment and Sustainable Development.  Before her election to Parliament, Linda worked as an international environmental law consultant based in Edmonton.  Internationally, she has served as a senior legal advisor to Indonesia, Bangladesh and Jamaica in instituting programs for effective environmental enforcement.

     Let us thank God for this very capable and knowledgeable woman who has been elected.  She will need wisdom in her new position as a federal M.P.  Let’s be praying that she will be able to bring her expertise to affect positive changes to our nation.  Let’s also be praying that she would adjust to the new demands and changes to her time schedules as she serves in her position.


Kirsty Duncan

August 27, 2010

         Dr. Kirsty Duncan is the Member of Parliament for the Etobicoke North riding in Ontario and is a member of the Liberal party.  This is her first term as an elected Member of Parliament.  Dr. Duncan has an earned Doctorate in Philosophy and Medical Geography.  In 2008, Dr. Duncan was formally recognized as one of the Nobel Prize winning Canadians on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  She is a professor of Health Studies at the University of Toronto.

  It is not surpising that Dr. Duncan now sits on the Health Committee at the federal level.  She also sits on the subcommittee that looks at neurological disease.

 Let us thank the Lord for this intelligent and compassionate young lady.  Please pray for her that she will be used as an instrument in the hand of the Lord to bring positive changes to the social, environmental and health issues  of our nation.


John Duncan

August 26, 2010

The Honourable Mr. John Duncan is the M.P. for Vancouver Island North in B.C.  This is his 5th time representing that area, now as a member of the Conservative Party, previously as an Alliance and a Reform party member.

His background is in the forestry industry.  Recently after having been the Parliamentary Secretary to Chuck Strahl, Mr. Duncan was named the new Minister  of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development. 

Let us pray for him that he would have good health and strength to do his important work for his constituents and now also for our First Peoples.  May the Lord give him Divine Appointments as he works on these issues.

You can learn more about John Duncan on his personal website.


Nicolas Dufour

August 25, 2010

Mr. Nicolas Dufour is the youngest Member of Parliament at age 23.  He is a member of the Bloc Quebecois and represents the constituency of Repentigny in Quebec.  He was previously the parliamentary assistant to the M.P. for that area and this is his first term in office.

Mr. Dufour is a member of the Health Committee.  He is being mentored to become a strong member of his Party in the years ahead.

Let us pray for him that he will quickly gain a wisdom and understanding beyond his years and that he will be influenced by good men and women as he serves here in Ottawa.  He has many responsibilities as a young man, so let us pray for good help in his offices.