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Marc Lemay

November 29, 2010

Marc Lemay is the Member of Parliament for Abitibi—Témiscamingue, Québec. He is a member of the Bloc Québécois Party, and this is his third term in Parliament.

Marc is a member of the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development and also the  Justice and Human Rights committees.

  As we pray for Marc, let’s pray that God would bless his willingness to serve in Parliament, and that he would have the strength to continue.  Let’s also pray that God would move his heart to see greater unity between French, and English, Canada. Let us be thankful for the position he has in this Nation and for being the voice for the people of his riding.


Derek Lee

November 28, 2010


Mr. Derek Lee is the Liberal representative for Scarborough-Rouge River, Ont.,  a seat he has held for 5 terms – more than 20 years.  Born in Halifax, he trained for law in Ontario and served as a lawyer before entering politics. 

Mr. Lee is an authority on procedural reform within the House of Commons.  He currently sits on the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights as well as for the Scrutiny of Regulations.

Derek Lee has a passion for the environment and is an avid outdoorsman.  He is also well respected for his strong stand for morality and life issues.

Let us pray that Mr. Lee will continue to be a force for moral good and for Parliamentary reform.  May the Lord bless him for his strong stand for ethical issues and may he enjoy great health and strength.

 You can learn more about Mr. Derek Lee on his personal website.


Marjory LeBreton

November 27, 2010


The Honourable Marjory LeBreton was appointed to the Senate to represent Ontario in 1993 and is a member of the Conservative Caucus.  She is the Leader of the Government in the Senate, which is a position equivalent to the Prime Minister in the Lower House.  She is also a member of  Stephen Harper’s Cabinet holding the post of Secretary of State for Seniors.

Ms. LeBreton was born and educated in Ottawa and served as a key organizer in the Progressive Conservative Party for over 30 years. 

Marjory LeBreton is the mother of two and grandmother of 5.

Let us pray for Ms. LeBreton with her very heavy responsibilites in the Senate and in the Cabinet, that she would have a wisdom that comes from above.  May the Lord give her strength and health to be a great influence for good in our nation.

You can learn much more about Ms. LeBreton on her official website.


Jack Layton

November 24, 2010


The Honourable  Jack Layton is the leader of the New Democratic Party and represents the riding of Toronto-Danforth in the House of Commons.  He is a former Toronto City Councillor who has led the NDP since 2003.  This is his third term in Parliament.

Mr. Layton is married to Olivia Chow who is also a Member of Parliament and a former Toronto City Councillor.

   Let us pray for him that he will have wisdom in relating to the official government in it’s various policies and positions.  May the Lord bless his marriage to Olivia and may he his spirit be encouraged by the prayers that are said for him every day.  As he battles prostate cancer, may he continue to experience the peace of God that he has testified has come through the many prayers being said for him and his family.

You can learn more about Jack Layon on his official website.


Carole Lavallée

November 23, 2010


Ms. Carole Lavallée is the Member of Parliament for Saint Bruno – Saint Hubert in Quebec.  She is a member of the Bloc Quebecois and this is her third consecutive term in the House of Commons.  Ms. Lavallée is the Vice Chair of the Committee for Canadian Heritage.

Let us pray for her as she works with her colleagues on this important committee that there would be understanding and cooperation about the two cultures of French and English in our nation.  May the Lord bless her in all her relationships and give her strength to do the hard work of representing her region in Parliament.


Jean Lapointe

November 21, 2010


The Honourable Jean Lapointe was appointed to the Senate in 2001 and sits as a Liberal representing the region of Saurel in Quebec.  He had a long and lustrous career as an entertainer, known for his singing, acting and comedic work.  An icon in the Francophone culture he also has been active in social work in achoholic and addiction rehabilitation especially for teenagers.

Mr. Lapointe is a member of the Joint Committee for the Parliamentary Library.

Let us ask the Lord to continue to use him in his last 14 months of his senatorial term to bring about good social change.  May he be blessed with health and strength and wisdom to represent his constituency well and impact the whole nation.


Daniel Lang

November 20, 2010


The Honourable Daniel Lang was appointed to the Senate at the beginning of 2009 to represent the territory of Yukon.  Born in Dawson City, B.C. he has lived for over 50 years in Whitehorse where he has served in territorial government positions over 18 years in various ministries.

Mr. Lang currently sits on the Senate Committee for Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources which is well-suited for someone representing the North.

His life partner is  Valerie Hodgson a local artist.

Let us pray for Mr. Lang as he seeks to be a voice for Yukoners in our Parliament.  May the Lord give him wisdom and the health and strength he needs for the regular commuting back and forth from such a great distance.