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Bruce Stanton

February 28, 2011

The Honourable  Bruce Stanton is the Conservative Member of Parliament for the Ontario riding of Simcoe North.  Mr. Stanton was first elected into federal office in 2006 and was re-elected in 2008 making this his second term.  He is currently Chair of the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Committee.

Prior to his election, Mr. Stanton worked in his family’s tourism business.  He was among the 5th generation of his family to own and operate a tourism business on Sparrow Lake since the family first developed a livelihood there in 1884. He is past-President of Bayview Wildwood Resorts Limited and The Cottages at Port Stanton on Sparrow Lake.

Mr. Stanton and his wife Heather live near Coldwater with their two daughters Valerie and Lauren. Mr. Stanton has two adult children, each with their own families and they live and work in the community.

Let’s pray for Mr. Stanton that he and his family unit would be protected, healthy and blessed.  Pray for wisdom for him not only as a Member of Parliament, but also as a husband, father and grandfather.


Robert Sopuck

February 27, 2011

Photo of Robert Sopuck

The Honourable Robert Sopuck is a Conservative Member of Parliament for the constituency of Dauphin-Swan River and Marquette in Manitoba. Mr Sopuck was just elected in November 29th of 2010. This is his first term in Parliament.

Mr Sopuck is a member of the Environment and Sustainable Development committee as well as the Fisheries and Oceans committee.

Lets pray that Robert would adjust quickly to his new role at parliament. Pray that God would grant him wisdom for the different committee that he is involved with.


Kevin Sorenson

February 26, 2011

The Honourable Kevin Sorenson is the Member of Parliament for Crowfoot, Alberta.  He is a member of the Conservative party, and this will be his 4th term in Parliament.

He is the Chair of the Foreign Affairs and International Development committee. He is also a member of the Public Safety and National Security committee.

Prior to entering politics he operated the farm which his Grandfather had started a century earlier.  He and his wife, Darlene, have two children, Kristen and Ryan.

Pray that, as a former farmer, he would be a strong voice and advocate for Canadian farmers.  Pray that he would be able to represent the concerns of his constituents in Parliament.  Pray that he would have wisdom, and would be effective as Chair of the Foreign Affairs and International Development committee.  Pray that his marriage would remain strong.

You can learn more about Kevin Sorenson on his official website.



Joy Smith

February 25, 2011

The Honourable Joy Smith is the Member of Parliament for Kildonan – St. Paul, Manitoba.  She is a member of the Conservative party, and this is her 3rd term in Parliament.

She is the Chair of the Health committee and Chair of the Subcommittee on Neurological Disease of the Standing Committee on Health.

She holds both a Bachelor degree, and a Master’s degree in education.  For many years she was a high school teacher.  However she was also an established public speaker, small business owner, and author.  Prior to running for Federal politics, she was a Member of the Manitoba Legislative Assembly.  She is married and has six children.

She is the preeminent and leading voice in Canada against human trafficking.  The selling and buying of human bodies still exists, unfortunately, even in Canada.  She has advocated very strongly for greater measures from the Government; measures which would protect men, women and children from becoming commodities.  She has introduced Bill C-268, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (minimum sentence for offences involving trafficking of persons under the age of eighteen years). The bill passed last year ans is now in the process of implementation.

Pray that she would be strengthened today in her fight to end human trafficking. Pray that her family would be a strong foundation and constant source of joy and peace.  Pray that she would have wisdom as she Chair’s the Health committee.

You can learn more about Joy Smith on her official website.



Michelle Simson

February 24, 2011

the Honourable Michelle Simson is the Member of Parliament for Scarborough Southwest, Ontario.  She is a member of the Liberal party, and this is her 1st term in Parliament.

She is a member of the Status Women committee.

Before entering politics she worked in the financial sector.  For 16 years she was the Vice-President and General Manager of a leasing firm.  She is a strong advocate for Canadians living in poverty, especially those within her riding of Scarborough Southwest.

She and her husband, George, have been married for 35 years, and have one son, Eric.

During this time of financial instability, pray that she would be a source of experience and wisdom in Parliament.  Pray that she would seek justice for those living in poverty.  Pray that she would have new ideas and strategies to reduce poverty in Canada.  Pray that she would find times of rest and relaxation during her busy days.

You can learn more about Michelle Simson on her official website.


Scott Simms

February 23, 2011

Scott Simms is the Member of Parliament for Bonavista—Gander—Grand Falls—Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador.  He is a member of the Liberal party, and this will be his 3rd term in Parliament.

He is a member of the Canadian Heritage and bill committee.

He was born in Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland.  He graduated from Mount Allison University with a degree in commerce.  After graduation he continued his studies, this time in journalism, which led to his employment as a weather broadcaster for the Weather Network.  When he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his son, Jackson.

As we pray for him, let’s ask that God would bless him as a Father.  Pray that in the midst of a busy schedule he would find time to spend with his son. Pray that he would accurately and effectively represent the concerns of his constituents.

You can learn more about Scott Simms on his official website.


Mario Silva

February 22, 2011

The Honourable Mario Silva is the Liberal Member of Parliament for the riding of Davenport in Toronto, Ontario.   This is Mr. Silva’s third term, being first elected in 2004.  He currently serves as the Vice Chair for the Subcommitte on Internation Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Silva was born in the Azores, Portugal and is only one of two M.P.s of Portuguese decent.  Mr. Silva is a well educated man graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts Degree specializing in Political Science, the University of Sorbonne in Paris, France where he received his “Certificat de Langue Francaise”, and also receiving a Master’s degree in International Human Rights Law from Oxford University in the United Kingdom. In 2007, the President of the French Republic bestowed him the title of Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honour,  the premier order of France and an award of great distinction.

While serving as a City of Toronto Councillor, Mr. Silva held a number of posts including Acting Mayor, Vice-Chair of the Toronto Transit Commission where he championed improved public transit. He has also served on the Board of Directors for numerous agencies in the city.

Let’s be thankful for a Member of Parliament who is very knowledgeable and experienced.  Pray that he would continue to build positive bridges to the Portuguese community in his riding.  Pray for God-given wisdom and truth.

You can learn more about Mario Silva on his official website.