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Gordon Brown

May 31, 2011

Gordon Brown is a Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party. He was elected in 2004 and has won the last 4 general elections. He represents the riding of Leeds-Grenville in the Gananoque area of Ontario. Mr. Brown is a member of the Industry, Science and Technology Committee but he is also still very involved in his local community. He is involved with the United Way and he spearheads the Small Business Mentoring Program in Gananoque. With a long business experience, Gordon owns a number of hotels, and restaurants as well as a recreation facility. For interest, Mr. Brown plays hockey in the winter and golfs and kayaks in the summer. He was the Canadian Kayaking Champion with the Gananoque Canoe Club. Mr. Brown and his wife Sherry have one son, Chance.

Let’s pray for this Member of Parliament that he would be blessed for giving his time to his community, often on a volunteer basis. Pray that he would find balance to juggle his responsibilities together with his wife and son, and that his family would continue to be a priority.

There is more information on Mr. Brown’s official website here.


Bert Brown

May 30, 2011

The Honourable Senator Bert Brown, a retired farmer from Kathyrn, Alberta, is the second democratically-elected senator in Canada’s history. He was appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on July 10, 2007, and sits in the Senate as a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Senator Brown is a member of the Energy, the Environment and Natural Resourcees committee and also the committee for Rules, Procedures and the Rights of Parliament. In those roles he continues to seek to be an agent for democratic change.

Let’s pray for his relationship with his wife Alice that they will have a strong marriage and be great parents to their daughter Angela Susan Brown. May he have great health and full strength to carry out the purposes for which he waited so long to come to Parliament.


Scott Brison

May 29, 2011

The Honourable Scott Brison is a Liberal Member of Parliament. His riding is Kings-Hants located in the eastern province of Nova Scotia. He was first elected to office in 1997, having won the last five general elections. He recently was on the International Trade Committee and also served as the Liberal Party Critic for Industry, Science and Technology. He also worked with Mr. Bob Rae on the Liberal Party Election Platform Committee.

Mr. Brison is a competitive runner and has successfully completed three New York City marathons. He enjoys running, sea kayaking, and downhill skiing. He is an amateur chef and has appeared as “guest chef” at the Spitfire Arms restaurant in Windsor, Nova Scotia on occasion. Mr. Brison lives in Cheverie, Nova Scotia, on the shores of the Minas Basin, home of the world’s highest tides.

Let’s pray that somehow with all of his committments that he is involved in, that he will be able to carve out that time for the things that he enjoys doing as listed above.

More about Mr. Brison can be found on his official website here.


Garry Brietkreuz

May 28, 2011

Garry Brietkreuz is a Conservative Member of Parliament and represents the Saskatchewan riding of Yorkton-Melville in the southeastern part of the province. He was first elected in 1997 and has served in office for almost fourteen years. He is sixty-two years old and was raised on a farm in Saskatchewan. He was a teacher for twenty four years before entering politics in which he has had a well-experienced and well-esteemed career which cannot possibly all be listed here.

Mr. Breitkreuz was recently the Chair for the Public Safety and National Security Committee. He was also presently working on renewing the Youth Criminal Act with special attention to combating bullying.

He is married to Lydia, has four grown children and seven grandchildren.

Let us thank the Lord for this man who has a heart for justice issues and public safety for the nation and especially for our youth. May he be used to effect positive changes to the Criminal Act. Let’s also be praying for his wife and family and his precious grandchildren that they would experience blessing, health and strength in the days to come.

Read more about him on his official website. You will be amazed at what he has accomplished. Click here.


Patrick Brazeau

May 25, 2011

The Honourable Patrick Brazeau is our youngest Senator at the age of 36, and also one of our newer Senators having only been appointed in December of 2008. He represents the region of Repentigny in Quebec. Mr. Brazeau was previously the twice-elected National Chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, a post he left to become a Conservative Senator.

Quite naturally, he is a member of the Senate Aboriginal Peoples Committee and also the Human Rights committee because of his interest in seeing the International Human Rights Code applied to the territories of Canada.

Let’s pray that Mr. Brazeau would know the favour of God on the work that he sets his hands to do especially as he seeks to better the lives of his fellow aborignal peoples. His special interest in youth is an area we ask the Lord to use him in, that he would have the moral strength to be a good role model for young aboriginals all across Canada. Pray also that the Lord will give him good counsellors and strong godly friendships as he has a long career ahead of him in the Senate.


David Braley

May 24, 2011

The Honourable David Braley was appointed to the Senate on May 20, 2010 and represents the province of Ontario. He sits as a member of the Conservative Caucus.

He has joined the committee for Rules, Procedures and the Rights of Parliament.

Mr. Braley having been born in Montreal has been a long time resident of Hamilton, Ontario. He is best known as the current owner of the professional football teams, the BC Lions and the Toronto Argonauts. He also is the director of the 2015 Pan-American Games that will be held in the Toronto-Hamilton corridor.

David is married to Nancy Gordon and they live in Burlington, Ontario.

Let us pray that the Lord give him the wisdom that comes from above as he steps into his role. Pray for good health to be able to do the work that is ahead of him.


Ray Boughen

May 23, 2011

The Honourable Ray Boughen is the MP for Palliser, Saskatchewan. He is a member of the Conservative Party, and this is his second term in Parliament.

Previously he was a member of the Scutiny of Regulations committee and the National Defence committee.

Before entering politics he had a long career in child and youth education. He is married to his wife Sandy, and has two children; Patti and Ryan. They currently live in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Let’s pray that God would guide his steps, and grant him a good health in this new term.

You can learn more about Ray Boughen on his official website.