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Pierre De Bane

November 28, 2012

Senator DeBane is a representative of the Liberal party, serving the designation of De la Vallière, Quebec. He was born in Haïfa, Palestine. He is the first Canadian of Arab descent elected to the  House of Commons. He is married to his wife Elisabeth, together they have one child and five grandchildren.

Collège St-Alexandre; Séminaire de Trois-Rivières; Université  de Laval (Faculties of Law and Social Sciences); University of Ottawa. Called to the Bar, June 1964.  Appointed Queen’s Counsel, January, 1985.  He currently sits on the committee for Foreign Affairs and International Trade, as well as the Official Languages committee.

Please pray that there would be a culture of co-operation and honour within all committee members.


Joseph A. Day

November 27, 2012

Senator Day is a representative of the Liberal Party, serving the designation of  Saint John-Kennebecasis, New Brunswick. Senator Day holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada, a bachelor of laws from Queen’s University, and a Masters of Laws from Osgoode Hall Law School.  He is a member of the bars of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.

Senator Day has had a successful career as a private practice attorney. He was appointed Honorary Lieutenant Colonel of 722 (Saint John) Communication Squadron on Jan 3, 2002 and served until  Nov 30, 2005. He currently sits as Chair of the  National Finance  Committee  and an advisor to  Anti-terrorism. He also sits for National Security and Defence  and the Subcommittee on Veterans Affairs.

Please pray that he would be encouraged to live a lifestyle that promotes good health and endurance.


Dennis Dawson

November 25, 2012

Senator Dawson is a representative of the Liberal party, serving the designation of Lauzon, Quebec. He is a graduate of Laval University with a Master’s in Business Administration. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science. He is  married and has three children. He was one of the youngest elected school board trustees in  Québec, he was also one of the youngest Members of Parliament in  Canadian history where he served his constituents of Louis-Hébert for three  consecutive terms.

Senator Dawson currently serves as Chair of the Transport and Communications Committee, as well as a member of the National Finance  and the National Security and Defence  committees.

Please pray that the motives behind any decision, would not feed selfish ambition, but will be for the good of the whole nation.


Romeo Dallaire

November 14, 2012

Senator Dallaire is a representative of the Liberal party, serving the designation of Gulf, Quebec. He is a retired  Canadian Army Lieutenant-General.Throughout his distinguished military  career, LGen Dallaire served in staff, training, and command positions through  North America, Europe, and Africa. He was  appointed Force Commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda, prior to and during the 1994 genocide.

He was born in Denekamp,  Holland, he was raised and educated in Canada, graduating with a Bachelor of  Science degree from the Royal Military College. He also attended the  Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College, the United States Marine Corps  Command and Staff College in Virginia, and the United Kingdom Higher Command &  Staff Course.   Senator Dallaire holds a honorary doctorates and fellowships from  near three dozen universities in Canada and the United States. He is also the author of two best-selling books.

Please pray that he be encouraged to life a lifestyle that promotes good health and endurance.



James S. Cowan

November 10, 2012

Senator Cowan is a representative of the Liberal party, serving the designation of Nova Scotia. Senator Cowan and his wife  Shelagh have three sons, Robert, David and Peter, a daughter Suzanne, and eleven grandchildren.

He was  educated at Dalhousie University where he obtained his Arts and Law degrees. He then attended the London School of Economics where he was granted a Master of Laws degree.

He currently holds the position of Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and is a native and resident of Halifax. Please pray that he pursue meaningful time with his family, which brings stability at home and at work.


Jane Cordy

November 7, 2012

Senator Cordy, is a representative of the Liberal party, serving the designation of  Nova Scotia.  She was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia and now lives in Dartmouth with her husband Bob. Her daughters Alison and Michelle also live in Dartmouth. She is a graduate of the Nova Scotia Teachers College and Mount St. Vincent University. She taught elementary school for 30 years in Nova Scotia, teaching in Sydney, New Glasgow and the Halifax Regional Municipality.

She  has a particular interest in issues related to mental health, seniors and aging, NATO and Gender Security, education and children. Senator Cordy currently serves on the following Senate committees; Conflict of Interest for Senators  Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration  Social Affairs and the Science and Technology  Committee.

Please pray that there would be a culture of co-operation and honour within all decision-making.


Anne C. Cools

November 6, 2012

Senator Anne Clare Cools is a Ontario Senator representing Toronto-Centre-York.  She was appointed to the Senate in January 1984 by His Excellency Governor General Edward Schreyer.  She is the first black person appointed to the Senate of Canada and the first black female senator in North America.  She was born in Barbados, British West Indies, and at age 13 she moved to Montreal with her family. She was educated at Queen’s College Girls School, Barbados, Thomas D’Arcy McGee High School, Montreal, and Montreal’s McGill University from which she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree.

For twenty years, from 1984 to 2004, Senator Cools sat as a Liberal Senator and then briefly joined the Conservative Caucus.  Presently, Senator Cools sits as an Independent Senator. Prior to the Senate, she was a social worker in innovative social services in Toronto.  She has been a pioneer in curbing domestic and family violence, and founded one of Canada’s first women’s shelters.

Please pray that she be known for her humility and integrity which invites God’s great grace and protects from pride.