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Joseph A. Day

July 31, 2010

The Honourable Joseph A. Day is the Liberal Senator representing Saint John – Kennebacasis in New Brunswick since 2001.  He has had a long career in law and finance both in New Brunswick and Ontario. 

Mr. Day serves as the Chair of the Senate Committee on National Finance, and also sits on the Committee for National Security and Defence

Let’s pray for him as he takes a special interest in supporting our military in Afghanistan and as he serves on international inter-parliamentary efforts.  May the Lord use him as an effective servant to his consituents back in New Brunswick.

You can learn more about Mr. Day at his own personal website.


Dennis Dawson

July 30, 2010

The Honourable Dennis Dawson was appointed to the Senate in 2005 to represent the region of Lauzon, Quebec in which he sits as a Liberal.

With a strong background in education, Mr. Dawson also was an M.P. for three terms and has served in key roles in government and business.

He serves as the Chair for the Senate Committee for Transport and Communications.

Mr. Dawson is married and has three children.

Let’s pray that Dennis Dawson would be an effective servant of his people in Quebec and that he would bring great wisdom to the financial sector of the Senate.  Pray for his role as a father and a husband as he has so many other responsibilities.


Libby Davies

July 29, 2010

Libby Davies is the Member of Parliament for Vancouver East, British Columbia.  She is a member of the NDP party, and this is her fifth term in Parliament.

She is currently an Associate Member on many committees, some of which are the Canadian Heritage; Citizenship and Immigration; and the Finance committee.  Ms. Davies is the House Leader for the NDP in Parliament.

She has been extremely proactive in her East Vancouver riding.  She continues to advocate for affordable housing and poverty elimination.  Perhaps her greatest impact in Federal politics has been in the area of drug policy reform.  She would like to see drug laws changed so as not to criminalize those addicted to drugs.

Originally from England she moved to Canada in 1968.  She has one son, and currently lives with her partner, Kimberly Elliott.

Pray that she would know and experience the everlasting and compassionate love of God the Father.  Pray that she would experience God’s heart for East Vancouver and his plans for restoration and healing. 

 You can learn more about Libby Davies on her official website.


Don Davies

July 28, 2010

Don Davies is the Member of Parliament for Vancouver Kingsway, British Columbia. He is a member of the NDP, and this is his first term in Parliament.  He currently serves as the Vice Chair of the Public Safety and National Security Committee

Before Don became a member of Parliament, he was a lawyer, researcher, policy advisor and trade union representative. He holds a B.A. (Pol. Sci.) and an LL.B. Don is married to Sheryl Palm, they’ve been married for 24 years. They have 3 children and a yellow Labrador retriever.

 Let us pray that Don would be  able to stand for righteousness within his riding, and for Canada. As Don has been fighting for women, workers and the environment, let us pray that he would be able to also experience rest and peace, and that he would have wisdom and grace within all those situations. As we think about Don today, let us pray that he will have opportunities to be diligent with his time, so that he will have time to be with his family, and also be able to accomplish much at work.

If you would like to know more about Don Davies, you can click on his official website.


Jean-Claude D’Amours

July 26, 2010

Jean-Claude D’Amours is the Member of Parliament for Madawaska—Restigouche, New Brunswick. He is a member of the Liberal Party, and this is his third term in Parliament.  Mr. D’Amours is a member of the Official Languages Committee.

Before acting as Member of Parliament, Mr. D’Amours word mainly in the economic sector.  Jean-Claude is married to Hélène Thériault. Together they have two young girls Émilie, and Alexendra, who is the newest member to their family.

As we pray for Jean-Claude let us ask the Lord  that strength and wisdom would be strong in his life. He would have strength mentally and physically so that he will be able to work with much passion towards his riding. That wisdom would be increased in how to handle difficult situations, and the pressures that Members of Parliament face daily. As we know that Mr. D’Amours has much knowledge in the economic sector, let us pray that his wisdom in that area would be used to help the government to deal with our challenging economic times, for the sake of Canada. 

If you would like to know more about Jean-Claude, check out his official website.


Roméo A. Dallaire

July 25, 2010

The Honourable Roméo A. Dallaire represents the Gulf district of Quebec in the Senate of Canada.  He was appointed in 2005 and sits as a Liberal. 

Most Canadians know General Dallaire (R’td)  because of his courageous military role with the United Nations during the Rwandan genocide.  He has become a spokesman for human rights and for reconciliation and peace and has told his moving story in the bestseller – Shake Hands with the Devil. 

Mr. Dallaire is a member of the Order of Canada and a recipient of the Pearson Peace Medal for his work in conflict resolution. He sits on the Senate Committee for Human Rights.

Let’s pray for Roméo Dallaire that despite his own battle with post-traumatic disorder, he will have the strength and courage to champion the needs of others.  Pray for his health and for the grace he needs to continue to speak out for the just treatment of victims of war.

You can learn more about Mr. Dallaire on his own website.


Rodger Cuzner

July 24, 2010

Mr. Rodger Cuzner is the representative for Cape Breton-Canso in Nova Scotia, a riding he has represented now 4 times.  He sits as a member of the Liberal Party.

Born in Glace Bay, Mr. Cuzner has always been a sports enthusiast.  He coached the Nova Scotia entry in the Canada Games hockey tournaments in 1995 and 1999.  He also did major events coordination in his role as Cape Breton’s department of Recreation.

Mr. Cuzner is a member of the Committee for Procedure and House Affairs and is the Whip for the Official Opposition.

He and his wife Lynn (nee Hopkins) have three children: Mitch, Scott and Brad. 

Let us pray for Mr. Cuzner as he serves his constituents and seeks to be an advocate for them in Ottawa.  May the Lord grant him great wisdom for his work and grace to be a good father and husband.

You can learn more about Rodger Cuzner at his official website.